Atlas Referral Bonus Program


Now, everyone can earn simply by spreading the word about Atlas and promoting our Token sale, that starts May 12 @ 00:01 UTC! We’ll pay 10% for all referred contributions.

How to participate in the Atlas Bounty Program

  1. Register at

  1. Login, and from the dashboard follow the Referral Link on the left side of the page, or the this link that will take you directly. Whitelist at this step if you decide to participate in the ico and get a 30% bonus.

  1. Save this link and use it to promote the ATLAS ICO.

  1. When a user clicks on your link, they will be brought to our ICO landing page and their activity will be tracked by our software.

  2. If these users register for the ICO, they will be marked with your referral.

  3. For all of the Crypto-Value received from users you’ve brought to our landing page, you’ll receive 10%, paid at the end of the ICO!

  4. For example, if a user from your referral link registers and contributes 10 ETH, you will receive 1 ETH in commission.

Attention! All commission results will be calculated and paid after ICO is finished. For now, you should only take care about the visitors you bring to our landing page. The more you bring the more money you earn!

To check your earned commission to date

Visit the Refferal page (follow step one) or go directly here.

The referral page contains:

  • On the left, the link for directing users and the list of those that registered by date.
  • On the right you’ll see the total number of referrals as well as the commission estimated in ETH, calculated from their deposits.

To note: Users might deposit multiple cryptocurrencies, an estimated commission value will be displayed in ETH. The value in ETH will be determined on a daily basis, by converting at the best exchange rate.

The estimated ETH value will be taken in consideration only if a user decides to reinvest the obtained commission with an added bonus of 25%. By default all contributions are reinvested. Otherwise, if a user requests withdrawal, the referral commission will be calculated from referred contributions in deposited coins.

Example: If deposited 100 LTC, 10% commission = 10LTC etc.

To request withdrawal follow the instruction on the right bottom panel.

A detailed report will be presented and users will be contacted for withdrawal wallets at the end of the ico.

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